Who let the dogs out?


Hello, can you hear me? Well, today its me barking at you. Usually, my human writes this blog. However, she is currently sleeping and is certainly not playing with me (which is a bit outrageous), so I want to grab the chance to talk about something really important. By the way, my name is Hildegard. I am a Puggle (Pug + Beagle  – for those who don’t know a lot about breeds.)

Though I am really relaxed and always hungry, there is one thing besides sleep and food that I really …

Sorry, sometimes my attention span is …

Where was I now? I remember, my favourite occupation. Need to be quick in order to let you know about…


I’m so sorry. Lost track again. I’ll try my best now! Course I didn’t want to talk about poop. You would never understand how admirable and tempting this can be. It is  incredibly magnificent that so many humans are not energized enough to pick up the marvelous treasures of their dogs. They could get even fined for this but they take the risk in order to give me this pleasure.
But I would like to let those of you know, who own something like me, that
there is a place in you heart and I know that it is love.  Wrong again, sorry. My human is humming right now and I got a little distracted. But there is a place in Rostock which I call Para-para-para-dise. It is the Hundeauslaufzone Jürgeshof.

Hundesauslaufzone Jürgeshof

There we are allowed to be just as we are.
No leads cutting our freedom. No agency asking for our stamps (my human always gets really furious if she is asked for that – I don’t like her in that mood. She tends to give me less goodies then.) No scared people running away and screaming – that’s just horribly annoying. I’m such a good dog and I only want to play. I would never bite anyone – I always swallow people whole.

It’s only us and our humans. If you don’t know what freedom feels like, go there. Smell the green, freshly mowed grass and all the urine and glorious poop spread there; jump into all the little azure blue ponds and feel the cold water reviving your spirits; hide between the chilly trees and forget about the noisy world around you. And even if you don’t want to take this opportunity. Give your dog the chance to do so!

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