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After some advice from a fellow student that “Fröhlich – Frozen Yogurt” at “Am Brink” is the best Frozen Yoghurt Spot in Rostock, I became very curious but didn’t know what to expect. To be honest, I had never tried “FroYo”; I had always been a bit conservative in trying new forms of paste. But this stuff is totally insane and awesome. Really, it has forced me to reconsider my whole view about ice cream. This Frozen Yogurt provides fierce competition!


I tried it for the first time and chose the small cup (about the equivalent of 2 paste scoops), there is also a medium (3 scoops) and large cup (4 scoops). Once the yogurt has been poured in deliriously slowly like the cold gold it is; now you are really in BIG TROUBLE. You can choose Toppings – sounds easy. Trust me. It isn’t! There are literally 500 different toppings you can put on your FroYo! The agony of choice!


At first you should chose a sauce. I decided to try mango (incredible good!), but there are many others like strawberry, Giotto, lemon, Oreo, pie plant or Snickers.

After the sauce “Fröhlich – Frozen Yogurt” offers you a bunch of other toppings of the non-liquid variety: fruits like strawberries and kiwis, pineapple and bananas, grapes and khakis, applesauce smarties, cornflakes and cookies, chocolate and Jelly Beans.

I took blueberries, which were in perfect harmony with the mango-sauce and the sunny weather. FroYo is definitely awesome stuff when I would put on my addictive potential rating 100%. It is not as sweet stickily and sickly paste, it tastes more refreshingly sweet, like a natural yogurt and revitalises your tongue on a hot day in summer!


I would unreservedly visiting “Fröhlich – Frozen Yogurt”, it’s central and will confound your expectations, regardless of how high they may be.

Opening hours:

11am – 7pm


S cup: 2,40€

M cup: 3,20€

L cup: 4,20€

Toppings: 0,40€

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