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Football, Footba…, Foot…. – is there anything else?


The summer is almost back; it’s getting hot outside. All the football stadiums in Germany are filling up; everybody is talking about football, football, and football, especially as Champions League is broadcasting. I mean, football is quiet cool, but with its many stupid and aggressive fans, not my cup of tea. This blog will present you a variety of interesting offers where you can visit other sporting events in Rostock.

I used to be an exchange student in the United States, so I am used to watching American Football, Basketball, Baseball and Volleyball right in my school. We do have lots of them here in Rostock, and our teams are relatively successful. I will mark all the important places in a map below.

I went to my first American Football game in Germany last Sunday – the Rostock Griffins. The weather was great, the people in the stadium were nice, and as if this wasn’t enough, the Griffins won the game against an important domestic revival. The organisers really went out of their way to make the meeting as awesome as possible, and the stadium announcer took care of the spectators by explaining the basic rules of the game. The American Football stadium is next to the of F.C. Hansa Rostock football stadium near the “Parktrasse” tram stop, which is a 4-minute ride from the central station if you take the S-Bahn. The homepage of the Rostock Griffins provides a comprehensible overview of the season schedule.

The second sport I recommend here in Rostock is Basketball; this form of sport is a really fast and diverse one. I get a kick out of it. A Basketball match can sometimes vary in just a couple seconds, so it’s always interesting and full of enthusiastic power. The season for the Rostock Seawolves is over right now, but the ordinary website of the Seawolves informs you about the latest updates. You won’t be sorry to visit a game; the Sealwolves are currently playing in the German second league and are prosperous. They play in the “Stadthalle”.

The third sport I want to talk about is Volleyball; the SV Warnemünde e.V. is currently playing in the German third league (north), but the season is also over now. This young team practises hard and played a very successful season. Check out their website to keep up with the news and the new season will start sometime in October. The games are held at “OSPA-Arena”.

Get up from your couch and away from games on the television. This stuff is frightfully boring. Visit, support and enjoy our other teams live in Rostock and you won’t just hear Football, Footba…, Foot…. anymore.



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