The Beauty of our City Port of Rostock

Let us take a sunny Sunday afternoon for our little experiment. Setting up a big barbecue in my tiny little garden – gorgeous flavour. Argentinian rump steak; baked stuffed mushrooms; stuffed bell peppers; an ice-cold bottle of beer.

Everything seems quiet perfect in our good company, but what the heck is that? Jealous and snoopy glances behind the windows – observing people. Do they like our event? Suddenly, a voice squalls. An old gran runs straight towards our new grill: “The washing is on the line! Are you freaking crazy? The clothes smells like it had been sprayed by a skunk! Get along with you!” We bundle our stuff together – frustration! Let’s try our city port, it won’t be that bad.

Rostock_Skyline                                   Skyline of our city port of Rostock as taken by Carlo Berg photography


Catching some sun; a refreshing breeze; again that delicious flavour. Everything is now perfect in our good company. Things of that kind can be so uncomplicated. Suddenly, a voice squalls. Seriously? An old gran steps by. Again? Really? Lucky you – a bottle collector. What a friendly person. She takes every single bottle from us. Order and cleanliness are of top-ranking here. We feel good, the woman feels good.

Word gets around. Lots of friends are arriving. My mate goes fishing. The gals are dressing a green salad and a portable jukebox is doing a fantastic job. We are about 20 people now and we have lots of healthy activities around us: kubb, beach ball, volleyball, badminton, frisbee. A frisbee – this small round piece keeps busy so many people. Unbelievable, who would have thought it? It’s so nice enjoying here at that marvellous place and nobody gets on our nerves. Yeeeeaaaah!

Suddenly, a voice squalls. Ooooh nooooo. Really? Again? I look around and spot an old man standing on that modern balcony. What a new massive building; it must be very expensive. There are so many new upmarket apartments and they are throwing up more and more – money talks. We try to be heedless of the people living there because they destroy the beauty of our city port. What can we do? Just sitting and relaxing here in the hope that they don’t take all of that beautiful place away. This place is fabulous so come with us and try it. You won’t be sorry.

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