Delicious – Romantic – “Warmbad”

It’s kind of alternative, with jocular waiters and young customers – and it’s absolutely lovely. It’s such a romantic place – especially in winter – and you get marvellous food for under €10. The name of this wonderful place in Rostock’s KTV is called “Warmbad”. According to the name one could assume that’s a warm and cosy place – and that’s how it is.

When it’s getting dark and you’re wandering through Rostock’s city you might (should) pass the Warmbad. Especially in the darkness it looks so romantic from outside. Walking inside there is a sea of candles and dimmed lights. One of those places I wished to find in other cities, too. It’s a pretty small restaurant and well-attended, so you might go early to get a table.

Another attractive fact about the Warmbad are the funky waiters. I’m not quite sure whether it’s a recruitment’s criterion to be a bit different than the others but somehow the waiters are way more hip and open-minded than in other restaurants.

The romantic atmosphere and funky waiters are not the only reason why to go to this restaurant  – it’s the food which is just awesome. The menu might not be as big as in other more expensive restaurants. But those dishes I had so far were all made with a huge portion of love. The way the food is served and decorated on the plate is so lovely and wonderful that your eyes are sated before you even started to eat. Although the food is so wonderfully served and absolutely delicious the prizes are way smaller than one would guess. You can get meals for under €10 and you will be truly full afterwards.

I would recommend visiting the Warmbad in winter. At this time of the year you can enjoy its great meal at 7 pm in a romantic atmosphere with candles and nice lights better than in summer when the sun sets down earlier. I’ve once been there in summer – but it’s not the same. Its entire romantic atmosphere seems to be converted in a place, which is not the cleanest and looks a bit shabby.

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