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I think it is time to present you a rather unknown location, since I couldn’t find any other post about it. The “Alte Zuckerfabrik” (old sugar factory) is really at the outskirt of the city, but this is not the only reason why it isn’t usually mentioned when people talk about party locations in Rostock.
This place is a great for people longing for something more alternative than the routine of the LT club. The Alte Zuckerfabrik offers a great variety of Goa (quite fast electronic music), Metal (the guys with long hair) or Punk (the guys with the colourful hair) live acts. You can find local bands as well as really popular (well, “popular” in the context of this scene) acts from all over the world there.

Useful Information:
– local bands: usually about 3 to 5€
– rather famous bands: 6 to 7€
– quite famous bands(although you might have never heard of them): about 20€
– Goa: 10€
– beer: 2,50€

– small floor (enough space for about 50 people)
– big floor (space for about 300 people; probably bigger than the MAU club)

Why should you go there?
Well, first of all: this is your only chance to experience music, you’ll only get so see rarely in the other clubs.
Moreover the atmosphere quite fits to the music. The staff is always nice, but what I like best is the almost cozy shabbiness which really corresponds to this matey Metal concerts: the lavatory, which is nearly everytime out of service, the gloomy lighting or even the absence of a wardrobe.
On the other hand the Goa events will take you on a mind-boggling trip (I’m not talking of drugs here). Crazy lights, a fascinating laser show and ornate decorations totally change the appearance of this place.

Alte Zuckerfabrik Goa
Alte Zuckerfabrik Goa

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