It’s all about the sausage – A special tribute to Coney Island

I guess probably everyone felt that appetite or hunger while strolling through the city, thinking about what kind of snack or meal to devour next. In every city there are lots of restaurants and snack shops who offer you small meals often really  expensive, for example: Mc Donalds, Burger King, Subway, aswell as the not trademarked restaurants who sell “Döner”, “Bratwurst”, “Chinapfanne” and so on. But often people, me too, miss the common Hot Dog stand. So the gods of innovative food industry just realized that this can’t be real and so there opened a marvellous restaurant who is mainly selling Hot Dogs. Coneys 1871 – near the Doberaner Platz.

Coney 1871 – Wismarsche Straße 11 near the Doberaner Platz

I just can’t find words to describe how awesome their offer is. They present the typical Hot Dog in many different styles, the historical standard from Coney Island, some new combinations for example with mexican salsa or just the GDR remembered “Ketwurst” which is basically a sausage with sauce within a baked bread.

There is probably no way for you to imagine how many possibilitys you have while choosing “just” a Hot Dog. You can also create yourself a new style with roasted or normal onions, paprika, spiced or normal pickles, corn, beans, pineapple, bacon, feta, tomatos, bbq-, curry-, chili-, salsa- sauce or just mustard and ketchup plus uncountable options. Choose the size from “S”- called the “Snack” to “XXL” which will fill your belly for about the next 2 days and isn’t even that expensive like a menu from Mc Donalds. Take a look -> here <-, how they appear in real.

How does that sound? 

Oh,.. so you are vegetarian? So this offer might not have waked your interest? Read it again with the knowledge that you are also able to buy a vegetarian sausage.

Even just while writing about it my mouth is watering. Check out the restaurant or the flyer with the different menus, plus their special offer each month.

Danish BBQ

In case that you know about it already and were just to lazy to go there while staying in Rostock, so I can tell, you can call them and order a Tasty-Dog and they will deliver it to you. 

I mostly tried out every offered style and combination of ingredients and I can’t really do anything more than repeat recommending it. 


Remember, enjoying a snack outside means aswell ur not sitting bored inside.


Sausaging- Regards, while getting lost to get one of the….se..


Wolf of the sea

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