Li.Wu. – wonderful motion picture theatre (the name says it all)

Travelling, shopping, sightseeing — after doing these things, you end up worn out from a long day. What you need afterwards is a relaxed, entertaining, inspiring evening programme. And — lucky you – I’m here to tell you how and where to find one.

There is no place better to go fo all this than the Li.Wu. motion picture theatre – one of my favourite things in the city.

It’s a place that allows you to forget everything, dive into other worlds, get carried away, live and love through drama, despair, happiness, action, suspension and excitement — all these emotions without leaving a comfortably soft velvety seat. And NO: hostel beds and low quality films on your laptop don’t even come close to that.

If you are too early, the entrance hall will await you with small tables, candle light, and the possibility to browse through their small dvd-collection of great art-house movies that can be purchased there.

There’s only one principal down side: you can’t buy popcorn. But then again – you won’t hear that painfully familiar, annoying rustling and loud crunchy noise while trying to watch the film. And don’t worry: you’re not left without anything to munch. You can purchase other less noisy small snacks —  ice cream, chocolate bars, gummy bears — and chose from a great little selection of drinks – wine for that sophisticated intellectual feeling, Mate (a soft drink containing caffeine) for staying alert, local juices for a vitamin infusion. 

The best part is this: the annoying German habit of dubbing movies won’t stand in your way of enjoying a movie, even if our language sounds like unintelligible babble to you. Some of the screenings are OmU (original sound with subtitles) so you have the chance to watch almost every movie in its original language.

Just check out the current programme. There is generally always something good there. You’ll find more details on prices, opening hours, etc. here. 

My tip to get the most out of it is this:

combine your movie night with a bite to eat beforehand – many lovely restaurants are in close range – or enjoy a drink afterwards – small pubs and bars around the corner will invite you to stay in style for a bit (BARfuss, BARke, Café Käthe, The Crocodile)


Metropol: Barnsdorferweg 4  ;                            Frieda 23: Friedrichstraße 23


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