An alternative taste – The lack of meat doesn’t mean to be a lack of flavour

Probably everyone has its opinion about vegan. They don’t eat meat, only vegetables. They don’t drink any milk from a cow only soy. And so on and so on.

If you think their nutrition doesn’t sound very varied, then you are pretty wrong.

Have you ever tried some vegan food ? Have you ever thought about how cooking expands without using the standards?

Flyer of the Vegangster

I’m gonna make you an offer you shouldn’t refuse. Vegangster – great handmade vegan food. 

The Vegangster is a small “restaurant” in the Waldemarstraße, which only serves vegan meals for a really acceptable price.

I often go there and find myself getting suprised how great everything tastes without using ingredients from animals. The offer might not appear that much but actually it is. They serve burger with soya meat, Chili con Soya, Soljanka, vegan döner (Vöner),vegan desserts like cake, ice cream, muffins any much more. They even have vegan mayonnaise.

The menu changes daily and weekly, but you will have good options everytime you visit it.



It never would come to my mind to give up upon meat, but this is truly a very  nice alternation .


You won’t regret to go there. Promise! =)

Use this ->link<- to the facebook profile, to have a look at some of their pictures and detailed information.

Remember: Trying something you’re new to, doesn’t mean the old style you like will change


Tasty- regards

Wolf of the sea

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