Addicted to “Napoli”

“White Chocolate”, “Amadeus” and “Cherry Bonita” – You don’t know what these three things have in common? My deepest sympathy. You’ve definitely missed something in your life so far! However, I will clear it up to you: “White Chocolate”, “Amadeus” and “Cherry Bonita” are three delicious sorts of ice-cream. Amazing ice-cream! Ice-cream you get at the ice-café “Napoli” in the “Ostseepark Sievershagen”. But be careful: It’s highly addictive!

The first time you stand in front of the counter you may think: “Well, okay. Appetisingly arranged bowls of ice-cream. 90 cents per scoop. So no appreciable diice-cream3fference to other ice-cafés of Rostock.” But after placing your order your impression will radically change. The waiter will form you a gigantic scoop of your chosen ice-cream. Don’t be scared: he knows that you just want to pay for ONE scoop! He will hand it over to you. Still impressed by its size, you’ll taste your acquirement. And your only thought will be: “Damn, I want more of it!” Creamy, delicious, refreshing – everything a good ice-cream characterises you feel in your mouth now. And if you’ll finally bite into the crispy wafe you’ll definitely have to admit that it’s an ultimate taste sensation!

For me, “Napoli”’s ice-cream is the best you can get in whole Rostock. Not even the popular inner city café’s can keep up with it. And you actually get there as quick and easy as to those ice-café’s of the inner-city, because different bus lines ply there every day. At any time.

Unbelievable for you? Then let’s get your own picture of this excellent location and ask yourself the question: “Hmm… “White Chocolate”, “Amadeus” or “Cherry Bonita”?”

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