A little taste of the Baltic Sea bicycle path

The sun is smiling and the temperature is going up: it is summer time in MV. If bored and lacking in ideas;  if an athlete and look for a new challenge; if an outdoorholic and love nature, then I have some pleasing, challenging, and enjoyable recommendation for you: the “Baltic sea bicycle path”(Ostseeküstenradweg).



Last week we were stuck with the question of what to do with the awesome weather we had. Going for a Picnic in the park or going for some ice cream was just too usual and seemed lazy. We’d heard about this bicycle path along the Baltic Sea, and that was just what I wanted. Taking the train from Rostock to Warnemünde was the lazy part of this trip. After we got through the mainstream tourism of Warnemünde, we got to a very beautiful bicycle path with a constant awe-inspiring view of the Baltic Sea. Travelling along the cliff faces and through the forests, we made it to Heiligendamm and back through Bad Doberan and Sievershagen till we reached Rostock again. It was a 36 km trip and a google estimated duration of about 2 hours turned out to be a 6 hour trip. You could blame the many places where we took a break to have a look over the cliffs. The many well placed benches along the track are not innocent either.

Even my girlfriend, who wasn’t absolutely certain about participating in the trip was astonished about the beauty of the coast. It was ,for sure, not the last time we go on this path. While we just saw a little piece of this long path, you can discover the trip from Lübeck and beyond all the way to the border of Poland and even around the island Rügen. To get more information and trip advices + places to stay check this website I found: http://www.mecklenburger-radtour.de/en/cycling-holidays/popular-cycle-routes/baltic-sea-cycle-route.html


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