What the Germans do on Ascension Day

Ascension Day might evoke different associations: Christian mass, Father’s Day, a holiday, freetime, a trip with the family. But if you ask young German men for it, most of them will tell you something about drinking beer & walking around celebrating life & themselves.

 I asked some of my fellows to tell me what a typical German ‘Men’s Day’ looks like & they all told me roughly the same: first of all, they form groups usually consisting of  all-male members; mostly they don’t want to have their better halves with them (what – in some cases – would be better to prevent an escalation…). Afterwards, they start drinking & carrying around alcohol in so-called ‘Bollerwagen’; some are having a BBQ when the weather is nice enough. And that’s it. That’s what they do. All day long. Until the bottles are empty.

 When & how this way of celebrating Father’s Day came about in Germany?  I don’t know! But what I know is that this year definitely won’t be the last in which this ‘tradition’ will be fulfilled once more! Why? Because men really do enjoy that day. They can do what men like to do when their girlfriends or wives are absent. So, dear Ladies, let them celebrate their great memorable ‘Men’s Day’ once a year and  be well prepared to care for them the next day – a hangover is indispensable for the most! 

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