christian vs. alcohol freaks

,,Christi Himmelfahrt”  (Ascension Day) is on the 9th May every year. As you may know it is a christian official-holiday. Jesus ,,returns” to his father in heaven after 40 days.

But the day is also known as ,,Vatertag” (father’s day) or ,,Herrentag” (men’s day).

It is a delivered tradition. Young men become involved to the adult men community and to good and ,,bad” behaviour.

Groups of men go to their favourite pub or restaurant to spend time together. They often take bikes or other means of transport e.g. something like a mini hand-trailer to transport their alcoholic drinks which play a big role on this day. The beer is the most common drink on this day but they also consume harder alcoholic drinks.

They often look for public places such as beaches or parks to relax and drink there. At least they want to have fun.

I just want to tell you that this day , even if it is a original christian day, is the day with the most brawls and car crashes caused by drunken people in the year.

If you want to keep your health, stay in a / your house and lock your door and close your windows. Otherwise you would be in danger.

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