Ascension Day; the german way

Ascension Day alias Father’s Day alias Men’s Day is celebrated in Germany,- just as in 18 other countries, 39 days after Easter Sunday. This actual religious holiday has been converted into a day where men do have the permission from their wifes and girlfriends to drink a lot, prowl around with a Bollerwagen  carrying the indispensable beer and freak out with other men. The rather even- tempered types use to go for a ride by bike with their friends or even take their family with them. Their “baggage” contains soft drinks and food instead of beer and other alcoholic drinks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 But no matter which kind of vehicle is chosen,- the common decoration consists of branches of a birch tree and flowers.

This holiday is celebrated very cheerful in Germany given that it’s often one of the first warm and pleasant days of the year. Hence everyone goes out, moving and enjoying the good weather and nature’s awakening accompanied by friends or family.

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