Picture this: you’re having one of those days where you step out of the door, minding nothing but your own business, enjoying the birds in the trees, and all of a sudden there it is: a new cake café! Wait, a new a cake café?! That doesn’t sound like it would happen very often. Actually, there isn’t one of this kind in Rostock at all! Reason enough to step in and check out their offers.

The “Schmackofatz” might be the first of its kind in Rostock, as it sells self-made cakes, pies, tartlets, and other bakeable little goods. If you step in the door, a warm and comfy feeling starts to spread inside of you. The walls are neatly decorated, there a few wooden tables with candle holders, a chandelier on the ceiling, and the cake display invites you in. The greenish walls do not show a menu or fixed offer of all the things you can get there because they bake their products daily in the back of the shop. The shop ownress told me that they decide spontaneously which creamy or crumbling little goods they fix for each day as I browsed through the chocolaty choices.

The little shop is located at Parkstraße 58, right across from one of the main university buildings (“Grünes Ungeheuer”), and opened just a month ago. A pair of siblings runs the cute little shop, with the man in the back baking and the lady serving the guests and selling the masterpieces. Contrasting the cake display, there is a fixed offer of coffee and tea that goes perfectly with a piece of delicious “Sacher cake”.

The shop might also raise your interest if you are looking for a very special gift. They make individualized cakes, pies, and other sweet delicacies on demand. And if you are there for your order, just stay for a few minutes and escape the stress outside the door.

Cheers and have a sweet day…

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Hey out name is Rick and I am currently studying in Rostock but came from Berlin to the coast. Trying to become a teacher for English, P.E., and Drama in Education I started to life here during my social service in 2009. Besides the University of Rostock I am also attending classes at the HMT Rostock, which is a university for arts, acting, and music. After I finished an exchange to the US in 2005/06, I know what it feels like to be new to a city (country) and its society and how helpful some little insider tips can be. I hope this page will help you to get started in Rostock...however long your stay may be.

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