Reown The Rich – Enrich The Poor

If you are in the region Ruegen, consider to enjoy the Stoertebeker show. Both are two heroes who are renowned in the north of Germany and form the basis for a wonderful stage play. The 21st season in 2013 shows the great and gorgeous success of them and their fellow sailors and pirates. You can visit the show from June, 22nd to September, 7th. A wonderful natural stagein connection with many props and a big number of actors, make for a high quality show program.

Some facts, concerning the story:

Klaus and his friends are called “Victual Brothers” and were hired by the Swedish Armada to support them against Danish conquerors. Due to the fact that Stoertebeker lived in Hamburg, directly located at the North Sea,they captured merchant vessels.His aim was, as announced in the headline, to enrich the poor. The play takes place during the “Hanseatic League”, around 1400 AC. The show can be characterized as an image of one character: the Robin Hood of the seas.  

 About 400.000 spectators visit this main event on Ruegen every year. Every evening’s highlight is the wonderful pyro show which lasts round about 10 minutes.

If you would like an eagle show, one is put on daily, one hour before the “Stoertebeker” begins. In this show, the falconer shows the audience what is possible with these animals. If you are lucky, he may pick YOU out of the audience and will make the eagle land on your arm. A really thrilling feeling! Believe me!

The Stoertebeker Team also caters for your physical well–being. A personal tip: Fried fish with sour cream is the traditional meal which costs 3€. Furthermore, I’d recommend a traditional Stoertebeker beer. Nonalcoholic drinks are served too.

The entrance fee is from 10€ up to 30€, depending on your seating position.

How can you get there?

Go by train to “Bergen on Ruegen” and change to the “Stoertebeker Bus”. It will take you to Ralswiek directly. Another possibility to get there is to go by car. Drive via Bergen in the direction of Sassnitz  to Ralswiek, and park your car next to the B 96 (main road). You don’t have to be worried about  your car, it is protected against any robbery by a security company. From the parking area you can go by a shuttle service to the stage within 5 minutes.

I really recommend this show. On the one hand you will see action on the other a never ending love story. I won’t tell you more though… Go there, enjoy it, and experience it for yourself!






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