Capo North – 54° 40′ 35″ N, 13° 26′ 16″ E

Remember your teacher – what does he wrote with? I think chalk! Ever been at the Cape of North of M-V? No? Now you can combine two things at once. Visit the chalk cliffs on the Isle of Rügen and enjoy a great time in purpose of refreshing. An impressing place, where you can rest and chill out or take a walk with your dog on chalk! Even Caspar David Friedrich, a famous German painter, used the view over the chalk cliffs as motives for his paintings. 45 meters above sea level, the nature reserve spreads out its tentacles about an area of 30 km². The quantity of flowers and wide fields will give you especially in summer a coloration which is unforgettable.

When you take a walk on the beach, outdoor clothes should be worn. Recommendable are sturdy shoes because of the small stones that gonna slip into your shoes and sometime the waves will make you wet.  Don’t forget packing a lunch box for you and your mates.

 As I already have announced, it’s a nature reserve, you can’t reach the park and the cliffs by car. Going by train to Sassnitz and change for Bus Nr. 20 to Koenigsstuhl will bring you comfortably to your destination.

So, don’t forget to pack your camera!

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Hey out there, I am Lars Dirwelis and I am studying at the university of Rostock. Favs are motorcycling throughout Europe and travelling round the world. Originally I am from the isle of Ruegen which is the biggest and the most beautiful in the world :-D

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