New Year´s Eve

Just ten days left and it is New Year´s Eve. So what to do? There are a lot of locations who invent for a new year`s eve party, but in the most cases that will cost you a lot of money. And is that really worth the money or aren´t there possibilities to celebrate an unforgetable new year´s eve without spending that much money? I bet yes!


So what about a share and bring party at your or a friends place? Just figure out which appartment will be the best and then invent some friends and everybody brings something to drink and eat.

You could play some party-games, talking, laughing – just having fun.

Before it turns 00:00 go to the city harbour or to Warnemünde and watch the firework. I think especially being in Warnemünde is awesome – I mean new year´s eve at a beach – what could be even more special? And it is absolutely no problem to get there, because the tram will drive the whole night.


So to say it in german „Guten Rutsch“ !

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