New Year´s Eve survival guide

Ok folks, since this will be my last post this year here is a


“How To Survive The New Years Eve Apocalypse” – guide.


# 1: Size matters

First of all take in concern that EVERYBODY who´s at least 18 years of age can legally purchase fireworks from small firecrackers to reeeeeaaally frightening rockets, ‘howlers’ and so-called ‘batteries’ that´ll remind you of antiaircraft guns. Everybody, even the dumbest persons among us…


# 2: Take cover!

It is essential to make clear WHERE you wanna enjoy the last night of the year. I recommend never EVER EVER visiting parts of Rostock that you wouldn´t visit at day – now that sounds too simple but trust me it´s fundamental. Don´t go to Dierkow, Lütten Klein, Schmarl….basically just stay in KTV or Stadtmitte, they are the heart of Rostock and least hostile to life.


# 3: Alcohol & Fireworks…

Everyone enjoys having a good drink, saying cheers to the family, to your friends, to your dog – whoever! But you should make shure to buy everything you need before the 31st of december to avoid as much stress as possible.

And please, please, please, pleeeeeaaassseee keep in mind that if you drink your reaction time is about to get larger with every drop of alcohol so after the fourth gallon of [insert booze here] it might seem like fun to lace together every firecracker you can find but it will eventually also cause an emergency call (1-1-2!), numerous hours in hospital and a fireworks-and-new-years-eve-phobia.


# 4: The Big Bang

Our harbour is basically a wonderfull sight troughout the entire year but on the night of the 31st of december it´s even more impressive. Make sure to get there in time which is about 11:40 p.m. and you will enjoy a great lightshow since a lot of people will be there firing up their stuff.


# 5: Rock around the clock

Right after 0:00 a.m. and after saluting, hugging & kissing whomever you want to you can either stay at the harbour, go to house parties with your friends (maybe with the ones you just met at the harbour) or go to one – or more! – of our clubs to celebrate the new year. The clubs that are close to the harbour are Bacio Lounge, Deja Vu, Studentenkeller and Theater des Friends – or you call a cab and drive to LT or ST.


# 6: Aftermath

HELLO?! Anybody there? Still alive?? Ok good!

It´s january the first. You wake up on a couch (if lucky) with your clothes and your shoes still on. You are completely wasted, share a massive hangover combined with a bad breath and the omnipresent question “where have we been last night!?” with your friends and the place and the streets look like if you´ve just landed in a nuclear-holocaust-scenario.

You have to survive. You have to EAT eventhough it seems as if your throat is filled with steel wool, aching every time you swallow or breath.

IF you guys were smart enough to fill the fridge with hangover-friendly fast food stop reading.

IF not: order a pizza, go to Mc Donalds, take a walk throughout Kröpeliner Straße…there will be cafes that are only open because of starving persons like you are!



So that´s it. That´s my small but hopefully helpful guide to make it out alive of a New Year´s Eve night in Rostock.


Take care!

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