Christmas Eve in a small Mecklenburgain village

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas Eve in Germany. But here I just want to tell you about my family’s individual but traditional way reveling the certainly most important gathering of your beloved.

Generally the first step on the Christmas Eve ladder is to decorate our Christmas tree with all that typical stuff as angels, baubles and tinsel. Afterward we eat a little and make ourselves some hot drinks and while the the mood is getting more and more cozy because the horizon is darkening

the time has come to follow the snowy paths to our rural church. There we listen to the preaches sermon, watch the kid’s nativity scene and sing together with the accompaniment of the old church’s organ.

Back home we eat potato salad and Wieners before we all come together in the living room where Santa has already put the presents under the beautifully illuminated Christmas tree. Of course we would like to get them immediately. But in advance we sing songs like “Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (Silent Night, Holy Night)” and the children have to concede poems. Then the handing out of presents can finally begin! After that we sit together talking, enjoying coziness in the intimate family circle!

By Maestrohyeah & DerHenning

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