Have you ever seen your music teacher…

…rockin’ on drums, jammin’ on a guitar or freestylin’ on percussion? Have you ever heard them sing songs with Arabic influence, perform vocal percussion or even sing a rock song? I never have, but became amazed that all that, and far more, is possible at the Extraordinary School Music Teacher’s Concert (Außergewöhnliches Schulmusikerkonzert) of the HMT Rostock.

There are people who want to become teachers for languages, the science, the arts…and for P.E. (including me ;o)). What’s really interesting about teachers, and those on their way to becoming educators, is the fact that most of them have a special skill, something in their field that they are really good at – a specialty so to speak – but a specialty which they never really get to show in public. Amongst them are unknown poets, masters of quantum physics, high performance athletes, and…rockstars! I would never have thought of music teachers as being what most of them really are (let’s welcome Mr. Stigma ;o)

Rostock’s HMT offers, amongst other things, to study music to become a teacher, and since the arts need to be portraid, performed, and presented, they let ‘em break free and take over the stage. Take tons of instruments, no restrictions concerning style and skill, add some highly creative musicinous minds and a large stage, and you’ll get the amazing. This year’s Extraordinary School Music Teacher’s Concert takes place just before the year is over, just before Christmas: December 19th 2012. For the 17th time, there will be an evening full of  music and (theatrical) performance.

When I went there last year, I had no idea what to expect. As I mentioned my experiences with highly creative and enthusiastic music teachers had been very rarely sown. After the first few performances, I had to revise my stigma! A staged couple of old folks led us thorugh the evening and into students who rocked the stage as well as filled it with ballad like sound or vocal percussions. Whenever there had been more instruments than people on stage, they decided to go multi-tasking and backed their own vocal performance(s) with the piano and the cajon, the guitar and percussions. Appart from that the evening seemingly touched all genres of music and went from classic and old school, over music with foreign influence, all the way to local takes on hip hop and techno…and it peaked with a medley that included almost all of those.

The 16th Extraordinary School Music Teacher’s Concert of the HMT Rostock was great and changed my mind of music teachers a whole lot. I’m sure they have put even more effort into this year’s staging: the 17th extaordinary event. Check it out on December 19th, 2012 and see how your perspective(s) might get influenced and give ‘em some big hands.

– Cheers

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Hey out there...my name is Rick and I am currently studying in Rostock but came from Berlin to the coast. Trying to become a teacher for English, P.E., and Drama in Education I started to life here during my social service in 2009. Besides the University of Rostock I am also attending classes at the HMT Rostock, which is a university for arts, acting, and music. After I finished an exchange to the US in 2005/06, I know what it feels like to be new to a city (country) and its society and how helpful some little insider tips can be. I hope this page will help you to get started in Rostock...however long your stay may be.

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