I need help! – what number to call in an emergency situation

Imagine that: You´re sitting in the very beautiful Lindenpark – you´re eating your lunch and feeling good. But then you see this very old man who walks a few meters on your left. He stops abruptly, his face becomes white and he presses his hand on his left breast. One second later he lays on the ground without any movement. There is no other person around who can help him – you are the only one! If you haven´t any medical knowings you – or better the old man – have a huge problem. What could you do in such a situation? Yes, there is just one right answer. Call an ambulance as quick as you can! But there is just one little problem: what number should you call?

Or imagine that: In the evening of a warm summer day you and someone, who is with you, you`re walking over the noble stones of the Kröperliner Straße, just looking and marveling about the architecture and prettiness of the buildings of one of Rostocks most famous places. Suddenly you can hear the sound of a triggered alarm system not far away from you. You run in the direction of that sound and then you see these two completely dark dressed guys stepping in of a broken shopwindow of Rossmann´s. What could you do in such a situation? If you – casually – are not Superman, Batman, James Bond or angry enough to become the Incredible Hulk, you have to call the police as quick as possible. But you will have the same problem again: what number do you have to call?

Or imagine that: You`re sitting in these very soft and comfortable couches in front of the BARFuss. It is a very beautiful but also a bit of cold evening. To fight against the cold a nice barman switched on one of these great radiant heaters which are hanging on this huge marquee above your head. You´re just enjoying your Strawberry Colada and abruptly you feel how it´s getting really warm around you. One view upturned and you see that the whole marquees stands in flames. Flashes streak out of the broken radiant heater. You jump up and there is just one simple question in your head – how can I call the fire brigade? What number should I call?

And I´ve to tell you that these are very good questions. I also asked me them every time I was in another country. But I have a solution for you. Or better: two solutions. Your first possibility is: call the German emergency numbers. They are: 110 – for the police, 112 for the fire brigade and also 112 for an ambulance. I have to warn you. I can´t guarantee that everybody who answers your call will speak English to you. Especially this problem concers the 110 because this is an absolute German number. So I suggest you to use the second possibility: call the European Emergency Number 112. This is a special emergency number for all EU-states. I haven´t tried yet, but I think that these people working there will answer your call in English.

A last hint: if you call an emergency number please don´t forget to answer the 5 ‘w-questions’: What happened?, Where did it happen?, HoW many persons are involved?, Which kind of injury/disease happened? Waiting for queries!

With these information you should be provided for your next trip to Rostock. You will be able to help an old man to survive his heart attack, you protect the Rossmann Company to go out of business because of too much raids and of course you are now able to have a nice evening in a bar without looking as he does afterwards. And the most important thing is that you are now able to call help for you and the people around you during your stay in Rostock. So please, always look for yourself and have a nice time in Germany!

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