A very awesome insider`s t(r)ip: Rostock Dierkow

It was yesterday: I was sitting in the tram traveling home, as I heard an interesting conversation between two young women: “ And where do you live?”. “I live in Rostock Dierkow”; “ Uh Dierkow?! Isn´t that one of these incredibly boring and very dangerous parts of the city? Do you live there freely?”. As I heard that, I thought “WHAAT?”– I live in Dierkow myself, and I personal think that it is definetly not like the New York Bronks and also one of the best parts of the city!! But let me explain it.

I have to warn you! It isn´t its architecture; it isn´t the quality of the streets or sidewalks; it isn´t the mixture of fumes and cigarette smoke which is always in the wind; it is definitely the relaxing and easygoing atmosphere and the unbelievable-amazing locations which make Dierkow one of the most exciting places in Rostock. But what can you do there? You have a lot of options: try to visit Hannes-Meyer-Platz ( it is not far away from tram stop named “Dierkower Kreuz”). There you can find “Junge – die Bäckerei” — a beautiful café, which is one of Rostock´s best. Coffee, cake and ice-cream are not too expensive and the warm and friendly atmosphere –for real — will be more relaxing for you than a massage could be!

Another fantastic thing you can do i the area of Dierkow is to take a long romantic stroll through the gardens between the buildings (can you find all of these labyrinths here and there in Dierkow?) or — when you have time and the weather is good you can also stroll along the “Rövershäger Weg”, which goes a little bit out of the city through very amazing natural reserve directly to the suburban area “Kassebohm”. Can you feel it? There is this kind of energy around you which you cannot find in any other parts of the city. Only there you have – especially in the summer – such an unique mixture of a living nature around you compared with sun-warmed air that make you feeling really alive!

On the other hand, if you want to have a nice lunch or supper I would suggest the Landhaus Dierkow or – if you just want a snack – the “Bistro Memo”. And if it gets dark and you still haven´t any idea where to sleep – Dierkow will help you. Just visit the “Landhaus Dierkow” or “Hotel citymaxx”. Both of them aren´t too expensive but good-standard hotels.

These are just a few impressions of all the things Dierkow offers you. I will write a few more blogs about Dierkow in the following weeks and the specific things you can do here. Now I just want you to know, that Dierkow is definitely not as bad as it often sounds! Please do not believe that! It is definitely not as dangerous as other parts of the city and as you will see: if you know the possibilities you have and Dierkow offers you than boredom is not a part of its character!

Dierkow is located in the north-east of Rostock and can be reached by tram lines 1, 2, 3, and 4. It´s also possible to take the suburban train line “Seehafen Nord” that goes directly from Rostock Central Station to Dierkow. If you take the tram, you should get off at station “Dierkow Zentrum”, or – if you use one of tram lines 1 or 2, get off at station “Dierkower Kreuz”; if you take the suburban train leave it at station “Haltepunkt Dierkow” or “Hinrichsdorfer Straße”.

You see: it´s very easy to get to Dierkow! Have a good time there!


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