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Tired of all those trashy clubs which offer all the same? Every night the same music, including the same boring songs, and every night the same people, including drunken aggressive guests. Then it’s maybe time for something new like Helga’s Stadtpalast.

Founded in 2011 as a new part of Helga’s Kitchen the Stadtpalast is relatively new in the club scene of Rostock. But the fresh image and the mix between common party events and live concerts let it quickly went into my Top 3 clubs in Rostock, right behind the Bunker and the Studentenkeller. From the outside it looks a bit cheap and not very inviting. But if you take the risk and enter the front door you will find a true palace, just like the name suggest. Maybe it’s not a palace in the normal sense, more like a jewel in the center of Rostock. The name comes from the Palast der Republik, which was a place for parties and events in the DDR. Both places share their unique design and atmosphere. The interior is just special. They used the style of the DDR and tried to match it with modern parts from the 21st century. If you ask me, they succeeded. If you find a photo of the Stadtpalast you will recognize it immediately. The unique color mix between brown, red and orange is just everything but normal. This special mood makes it also a nice place where you just go with some friends and drink some beer. But as I  have already mentioned the Stadtpalast has much more to provide than just cool drinks and a nice atmosphere. If you have a look at the upcoming events, you will see that very often live concerts take place in this club. Mainly there are Indie and Rock bands which play in Helga’s Stadtpalast. I had visit for example the concert by Wilhelm Tell Me, an indie-band from Hamburg, and I can say it was just awesome. The club can handle nearly 300 people and its sound system just sounds as it should, perfect. I just can recommend you to visit those special events where live bands play, like Gold Lions. Besides those live concerts the normal party events include also mainly Indie and Pop, but if you search you can find also some electro and house events.

The Stadtpalast is situated at Vögenteich 19, which is quite near to Doberaner Platz. This makes the club easily reachable via tram and bus. Furthermore the prices are very moderate. Normally you will pay like 2€ to 4€  entry fee and also the drinks aren’t very expensive, most of them around 3 € to 4 €. With all these positive features and the unique mood the Stadtpalast is a must see of the club scene of Rostock.


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  1. I was never been in stadtpalast, but I heard from friends of mine, they are playing good music and the prices for admission and drinks are not high.

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