Make a Wish – and Send it to Santa

Only a few kilometers away from the south of Mecklenburg, in a village fittingly called Himmelpfort (the name can be translated to something like ‘Pearly Gates’), the Santa’s post office opened some weeks ago. Kids from all over the world send their letters to Santa there, who then answers them with the help his Christmas Angels. Last year they answered nearly 302,000 letters!

If you want to go and visit Santa, you can see how he lives and works at the post office – and meet him in person of course! It is located right behind a nice café where you can get many tasty homemade things: pie and cake, ice cream and cookies, coffee and tea. Every weekend, there is also a Christmas fair, which is great especially for children since it’s mainly about fairy tales.

I visited Santa’s living room in spring when it was even more than half a year to go to the next Christmas. It still was open, and I could see a perfectly decorated Christmas tree with presents under its branches. Santa himself was enjoying his free time in a comfortable armchair next to the tree. Even the fire place was lightened to make it even more cozy.

This year, however, I decided to send him a letter and thank him for all the presents he gave me over the last years 🙂 If you too want to write Santa a letter and tell him your wishes or ask some questions, here is the address of his post office:

An den Weihnachtsmann, 16798 Himmelpfort

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