LEON’S: Rostock’s Restaurant with a Special Touch




LEON’S is a central and a very special restaurant that definitely needs to be listed in the category of the best places to go for eating and drinking in Rostock. It is situated in Hopfenmarkt, which is like a courtyard next to Kröpeliner Straße (exact address: Kröpeliner Str. 19), and it
belongs to the “Gastronomy and Hospitality Industry at Hopfenmarkt” that also includes accommodations and another restaurant (Hopfenkeller), which is right next to Leon’s.


The friendly staff welcomes you in a relaxed but obliging manner and makes sure to fulfill nearly every wish that could possibly come into your mind concerning, for example, refining your dishes. Furthermore, the interior furnishing invites you to stay and to feel comfortable while you are enjoying your meal. During the summertime, it is also possible to sit on the terrace in front of the restaurant inside the courtyard, which offers a really calm surrounding.


Leon’s offers a great variety of different dishes, both for these without much hunger, and for those with a big appetite. Basically, the range goes from soups or salads, to steaks or burgers, ribs or fish, to vegetarian dishes and desserts. There is little that you cannot think of. Check out the menu for more information on that. Apart from these general selections, the restaurant also offers a dish of the day for lunch, a menu for kids, and last but not least: breakfast, which I can only highly recommend. The dishes are perfectly prepared and they taste excellent. I already have been there several times and I have never been disappointed. What is also special about it is the variety: some dishes are regionally adjusted, such as Rostocker Edelfischsuppe, or they also have typical meals combined with seafood.


The secluded location offers a comfortable and calm atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle on Kröpeliner Straße. So, it’s a fantastic place to “come down” and enjoy some great food after an exhausting shopping tour or working day. It is an absolute must-go for experts or enthusiasts of Rostock’s gastronomy.

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