Hole in one! Disc Golf in Barnstorfer Wald

 Have you ever played Disc Golf? – NO? Try it!

I’ll give you 3 essential  reasons for why you have to play Disc Golf:

  1. it’s easy to learn
  2. it’s fun 
  3. it’s free to play.


Disc Golf, which is also known as frisbee golf, is a combination of frisbee and golf. Instead of using golf balls, Disc Golf involves throwing a disc from a tee off point to a target. The target is usually, as in Barnstorfer Wald, a metal basket with chains. All players must keep count of throws. The player with the lowest number of throws wins. In Barnstorfer Wald you will find  9 holes which vary in length and difficulty. The following  link will give you an impression of what Dics Golf is.


Interested? Then call your friends, pack a beer and a frisbee in your backpack and have fun playing Disc Golf.


If you want have an overview of the (w)hole Disc Golf course in Rostock, then click here.


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