-KdF- A Historical Walk Through World War 2nd


When I moved to Binz in 1995, I did not know what function and historical background the massive building complex  in Prora has had. Prora is located between Ostseebad Binz and Sassnitz on the the isle of Ruegen, in Proraer Bay. The building was built between 1936 and 1939 as a Strength Through Joy (Kraft durch Freude or KdF) project and were intended for the german strikes to be rehibilitated. Prora was supposed to be visited by over 20.000 soldiers yearly. The object consists of 8 buildings which cover a length of over 4 kilometers. The ironic fact about it is that it never has been used as this what it was supposed to be.

Nowadays, really interesting military museums are hosted in the buildings. Signs show you the way to the building and the museums. Don’t worry if you are no german speaker, you will get  headphones with several choices of languages. Many important historical and military VIPs are exhibited there.  

I can recomment visisting Prora to get to know a mass of knowledge about.

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