In the eyrie of the griffin

The shy front of the hotel


Hello random audience!

The Kröpeliner Straße early in the morning (before it gets crowded)

This is the second part of our little series, in which we’re going to present you with different locations to stay in Rostock. (first part was the “Jellyfish hostel“)

With that introduction out of the way, I humbly present you the “Greifennest”!
It’s one of the smaller hotels in Rostock, which is named after the heraldic animal of the city, the gryphon. (Greifennest could be roughly translated into gryphon roost or eyrie) [link?]

Like a heart, this little hotel is right in the chest of the city, but similar to the heart it’s somehow in the right place. What I’m trying to say is this: the Greifennest is in the core of the city but a little bit away from the pulsing aorta of Rostock,  the Kröpeliner Straße with all  it’s shopping opportunities and different places where to have a delicious meal. 
The hotel is located in the street which is parallel to Kröpeliner Straße. Namely the August Bebel Straße and there are a couple of advantages to note.

Granted, it’s cool if you can step right out of a hotel and be inside a shopping center but I’m quite sure you wouldn’t find that so appealing if you want to sleep or just chill out a little.
While the Greifennest is still at the center of the city, the road in front of the hotel is not as frequently used as the roads near Kröpeliner Straße and you can still reach the vein of Rostock in about a 3 minute walk (through a little park!).

A view of the park in front of the Greifennest

From the outside the hotel is only decent looking, but when you step inside you’ll be mesmerized by the pure baltic charme.
They’ve got a quite nice 360° walk-around on the hotels homepage; make sure you check it out! 
It’s really awesome, and in light of the pictures above, you’ll most likely understand why it’s such a charming place.

Concerning prices, a night at the Greifennest will most likely cost you about 50 Euros, depending on how many beds you’d like and whether you want to have breakfast there or not.
This may not be the least expensive accommodation you’ll find in Rostock, but you should consider the fact that this is a hotel with all the pleasantries you could wish for like a small bar, a garden in the backyard, internet  access and so on.
Luckily the hotel still maintains a cozy communal – there is a community room and a kitchen which can be occupied by the guests.
Check out the link I posted before and you’ll understand what I’m struggling to describe. 🙂

To keep the story short, the Greifennest is most likely one of the best situated hotels in Rostock.
Only a stone’s throw away from the center but far enough from all the unpleasantness of a city main street.
For me it’s the perfect combination between a hotel and a hostel, and it  has got all the advantages of these two types.

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