How do I get a Fixie ?

 Well, you are interested in this Fixie-thing that’s goin’ on − but how do you get such a magnificent piece?

There are quite a few options:

The easiest way will probably be to seek out one in the numerous online shops e.g. and purchase – receive it  − unpack it  and roll on. That may be a good start to get a feeling for the cycle and help you to be hooked. It is quick, easy and affordable.

But soon you will realize that is not enough, not exactly  that what you want;  the standard saddle, the handlebars, the brakes [at least for beginners]  – why actually two ? − the pedals, the gear ring, the spokes, the porch, and so on. You begin to look at individual parts in the local shop, after that rifling through online forums to browse in shop overseas [evancycles] online of course. Piece by piece you substitute parts, until you have arrived where you want to be −  ‘your’ bike,looking as you imagined it − finally.

However, this may also not be sufficient for you at some point [damn, it sounds as I would be dependent], you want to create your bike from the beginning by yourself and then varnish the frame, handle the individual parts and be able to mount it by the work of  your hands and sweat. All this can cost a bit if you use premium components;  however, it is all worth because this project and every  bit by bit was yours, done  with your own hands – your bike.  With this unique Fixie, the trip is twice as much fun.

What else can I say than climb on and drive off.

Fix your fear.



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