Fixie delight

You are delighted, you got the cycle that you imagine – but you don’t know where to ride ? that question is quite easy to answer. Go anywhere you want to.  The possibilities are almost limitless. Typical, in such a magnificent city as Rostock.  More specific the questions would be where do you wanna go, what you want to see, if you want to tamper yourself or if you just want to cruise into the evening with your DSLR for a perfect picture.

I think it varies as it also depends on your temper and the day.

I can highly recommends the Rostock’an habour near the Neptun shipyard (“Neptunwerfthalle”) in the KTV.  From there,  you can cruise along the hotspot harbor area ‘til the peninsula called ‘Holzinsel’. On the ride along the water, you can enjoy the atmosphere and the salty smell.  If you are riding in the emerging sunset, a view  and a light unfolds that literally cries for a camera and a break.

It is something totally different if you are aiming to chase down the street and get the high-speed adrenaline rush.

Suitable options for this are the beautiful highways, I mentioned them a few articles before around Rostock. Recommendable is the highway [ or better the road ] to Bad Doberan or to other small village in the vicinity. Nevertheless you should be aware of the necessarity of ridin’ on an interstate road ‘cause they are inevitable on your way.

My favorite route is a little bit away from these busy roads – towards to my hometown Güstrow.  How do I get there? You leave Rostock on the southern district in the direction of the freeway and cross the following bridge towards Pölchow. Along this way in the landside you cross the villages Huckstorf and Benitz until your reach Schwaan. On the way, you are drivin’ through picturesque country sides, wheat  fields, forests. After passing Schwaan there are different ways to get to G. Uphill downhill, through the forest or passing it on the road with some cars or on the dirt road – depending on what you prefer and the Fixie allows. Choosing the country side road the stop at the little lake near Lüssow is a must. Totally clear und and cold, it is the perfect place for cooling off. After this, you have nearly reached your goal. Only 9 km are left of your 42 km tour. Passing Lüssow, you are supposed to answer the ‘Gretchenfrage’ one last time where do you want to go – the lonely road or the one with traffic and hills this time. The latter one is the shorter version, but the other along the canal is the more beautiful one. I leads along another forest, fields and water. Finally, you will reach your goal: the small city Güstrow where you got the chance to vistit it, have some ice cream  and prepare yourself for the tour back to HRO or to buy a ticket for the train homewards.

So ‘till the next time,


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