Neubrandenburg – the city of four gates

Just in case you didn’t know, besides Rostock, Schwerin, and Stralsund, there is another beautiful and historical city located in Mecklenburg-Pomerania: Neubrandenburg.

If you have a closer look at the map, you can see that Neubrandeburg has the shape of a ring in the center. The historical wall and the four gates, but also a tower, are witnesses of former times. They’re also the symbols of Neubrandenburg. Right in this wall, you can find the gates: the “Treptower Tor“, Stargarder Tor“, “Neues Tor” and the fourth is the “Friedlaender Tor“.  Another old and stunning building is the Marienkirche (St. Mary’s Church), which now functiona as a concert hall, too. During the year, a lot of concerts take place in the St. Mary’s Church. Chris de Burgh and the musical of “Benjamin Bluemchen” are upcoming events this year, for instance.

Additionally, Neubrandenburg has two lakes: Tollensesee and Reitbahnsee. The first one is much bigger than the other, and you can do a lot more things right at the lake. You can play minigolf with your friends, relax at the beach, or get some ice-cream. Right at the Reitbahnsee you can take a ride on the lake: there’s a waterski and wakeboard place where you can have tons of fun.

Another fun place to visit is “Die Hinterste Muehle” – “the rearmost mill”. It’s a place first and foremost for kids to discover nature and to craft things. Children can stroke rabbits, guinea pigs and horses. Aditionally, parents can book rider’s vacation for their horse fans, who can have a unique experience there. As I already mentioned, kids and their parents can come to this place to craft things such as  Easter bunnies or Santa Clauses.

The best place for shopping is the “Marketplace Center“, where there are around 70 stores with a huge selection of products. Next to the “Marketplace Center” you will find our new square with fountains.

Moreover, we have a university of applied sciences, where you can study many different things from agricultural science to social work, or even from nature conservation to care management. A truly diverse college program!

A little bit (about 5 minutes) further away, we have a small airport, which is called “Neubrandenburg-Trollenhagen Airport“. From here it’s possible to take a roundtrip above Neubrandenburg and its sourroundings. In former times, you could fly to Bulgaria or even Spain from Neubrandenburg.

As an extra point at the end, it would be interesting to know that a lot worldwide famous athletes come from Neubrandenburg. Andreas Dittmer, Astrid Kumbernuss, Ralf Bartels and many, many more were and are trained in and come  from Neubrandenburg, as well.


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