What’s the time? – It’s barbecue time!


Germans have one great hobby – to have a BARBECUE! 🙂

But having a barbecue in a city like Rostock without having a garden sounds pretty difficult, doesn’t it? No worries on a sunny (and hopefully warm day) we know where to go. And we want to share our secret with you! 🙂

The key to happiness is  the Barnstorfer Wald. It’ s not that easy to find a public place in Rostock where you are allowed to have a barbecue. As we already mentioned the Barnstorfer Wald is one of these few places. In summer you will meet lots of people there.

Perhaps you will see people throwing sticks at logs of wood. You’re probably wondering what the hell they are doing – that was our first thought, too! 🙂

But these people aren’t weird (otherwise we are weird as well AND that’s absolutely not possible 😉 )! They’re just playing KUBB! It’s kind of a new trend here in  Rostock. Everywhere you go you might see people playing Kubb. You will probably notice that you can’t get around trying out this funny game! And really, you should try it. You can play it with up to 12 people and we promise you will laugh a lot and if you are ambitious (and a good thrower) you can take part in the “Kubb Opens“, a kind of championship.

Playing over a long period makes collywobbles.



The solution is BBQ! And to be honest – what could  be better than having a tasty BBQ?







So what do you have to do? Because of our kindness, we prepared a check list for you! 🙂

Checklist BBQ

  • blanket
  • food (German saussages – delicious! Meat! Baguette! Potato salad!…)
  • cutlery
  • napkins
  • plates
  • barbecue tongs
  • sharp knife
  • sauces
  • beer (and if you want something without alcohol you can bring along something different of course! ;))
  • garbage bag
  • charcoal
  • lighter
  • ….And the most important thing: The barbecue!

Don’t miss taking your garbage with you ’cause we like to chill in a neat park! And there is another fact you should know about your hot charcoal: you will stumble across little holes in the ground where you can bury your charcoal.

Your tummy (full of tasty stuff) might gnaw at your conscience…what to do? The Barnstorfer Wald is also a lovely place for jogging. Check out this blogg!

And you might like to know how to get there. Check out the blogg “The Barnstorfer Wald (Southwest of Rostock)” from Carolin Bilgenroth. She describes it perfectly!

Whatever you like to to in the Barnstorfer Wald- Have fun! 🙂

Greetings from

Anika Lundschien and Frauke Hahnen

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