A Hurricane is brewing…

Warnemünde is a central part of a holiday experience in Rostock, and to make sure that you have a place to go to power up after a hard day’s work of splashing about and relaxing in the sun we have tested the Steakhouse Hurricane for you.

We visited the steakhouse a couple of weeks ago – on the weekend of the Champions League final – and found the place quite packed, on the one hand with people and on the other with a large projection screen, on which we could watch Bayern lose to Chelsea shortly after.
We are seated at a small table with no view of the screen after we clarify that we’re not there for the football; it is snuggled in a corner between the bar and the window, giving us a view of the restaurant’s terrace, complete with a comfy Strandkorb at one lucky table, and the Strandpromenade, the promenade by the beach. It’s not the most exciting of views, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with it.
The interior is rustic and decorated with a jumble of plants, pictures (of hurricanes and Australia), a model boat and a variety of retro-and non-retro-style ads.
The first thing we notice as we’re handed the menu is the large selection of drinks.  
There’s the normal choice of kinds of water (i.e. the variety of fizziness typical in Germany), soft drinks and juices; the focus lies on the alcoholic side of things. There are whiskeys and wines, beers and bitters, cognacs and cocktails, Port and Prosecco… and that’s only the half of it. 

The food is mostly what is to be expected at a Steakhouse; steaks, ribs, burgers; beef, pork, chicken. 
If you’re like me and don’t really like fish, this is a great option in Warnemünde, where you have invest some time to find a fish-free meal on most menus; if you’re a friend of fish there is of course also a selection of fish-steaks (How about some shark?)
Also, for those of you who might be a little worried that none of this is very nice, there is the – somewhat mysterious – menu point ‘Leckeres’, freely translated as ‘Tasty things’.
Further at the back, there are some less typical steaks.
Here, you can try Australian crocodile, kangaroo and ostrich steaks or an American bison steak.
Or, if you’re feeling REALLY hungry, you can try to face the burger challenge – manage to demolish the 2kg (4.4pounds) burger (28cm=12inches across) by yourself and get it for free and a voucher on top of it.

We decide not to be all that adventurous and have a normal-size burger each. The cheese burger is good but nothing out of the ordinary; the filet burger – topped with several small fillets instead of a typical burger – is tasty but impossible to eat without a knife and a fork, taking some of the primitive burger-feel of the whole thing.


Another nice touch is the sizable pepper mill and the little basket of mayonnaise and ketchup packets on every table, which make it easier to add condiments to your liking.
After the meal –good size, fair price – I have a cocktail (a Swimming Pool) which is nice but not unusually so.
If after reading this you have decided that this would be a good place to visit, you might also want to check the Aktionen segment of the restaurant’s website; here there’s a list of specialties they have on offer for some events; e.g., they had ostrich eggs and springbok on offer during the Football World Championship in South Africa, have special meals for New Year’s or have live music for an evening. 
If you’re not in the mood for such heavy food, there’s an ice cream parlour next door; and if you want to have a really short way home, so you can let your stomach do all that hard digesting in peace, you can also rent a holiday flat in the same building, the Villa Hübner

 PS: I know, the title suggests they make their own beer. This is a lie. They do sell beer though. The pun is not entirely in vain.

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