A unique experience – Shooting REAL guns

If you´ve ever asked yourself how it´s like to shoot real guns and wether it´s as easy as in the films, you can find out. But not the Hollywood style with lots of explosions but more the sportly and serious way.

The Baltic Shooters  provide a large variety of shooting,from small caliber pistols up to high caliber rifles from distances of 10  to 300 m.  Their founder is a world champion of IPSC (it´s a very dynamic shooting, where you have a parcour filled up with targets and so called “no shoots” , you have to complete the parcour as fast as you can and also hit them the best you can) ; now  he is a trainer for German police and special forces. So you will have a real professional on your side when you are taking your first steps shooting.

The Baltic Shooters have two different firing ranges in MV, one in Gehlsdorf in Rostock and one in Güstrow. The one in Rostock is an indoor firing range, so perfect for the cold and rainy months. It is possible to shoot there at distances from 10 to 100m, almost all calibers are allowed, except the anti-material calibers like .50 BMG or 14.5mm Russian(used for armored vehicles that are more than 1 km away).

On the firing range in Güstrow you can shoot from 10m to 300m, it is an old military outdoor range that existed even before World War I. It also has some special features like  steelplates that fall down when you hit them, so you can see if you hit something immediately. Another feature is the 300m range, where you can shoot with an original sniper rifle like those used by many SWAT teams worldwide or you can shoot the legendary Kalashnikov in its civil form (not fully automatic).

The Baltic Shooters provide the whole weapons and ammo for fair prices and it´s always fun, they also have special group prices, so you can take your friends with you and share the fun. I´ve known them for many years and have never seen someone leaving without a smile, so give it a try!


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