Leave the City Behind You and Enjoy a Run in the Countryside


Hey fellow runners. Here we go again, for a change we had quite good weather yesterday and I took my bike and searched for a new running track to present to you. Unfortunately the weather was not that good once I was outside, so I apologize for pretty dull looking pictures. This time the track is round about 9km long and in the countryside. It is, however, tarred ground all the time, so if you have problems with your knees or something similar, this might not be the best track for you.
I had a look at this area before via google maps and thought there would be some nice sandy paths, but either I couldn’t find them or they were private, but it is still a nice circuit nonetheless. This time the starting point is the northern side of the central train station. Follow Herweghstraße until its very end and turn left onto Schwaaner Landstraße, follow it a bit and turn right onto Dalwitzhofer Weg. That will take you out of Rostock. Follow it all the way until it changes into Hofgängerweg. Follow that for a while. You’ll get to a cosy little village. Stay on the main road. Leaving the village you’ll see a sign for Sildemow. That’s where you have to go next. Just behind the village there is an intersection at the train tracks. Turn right onto Bahnwärterhaus. In Sildemow you’ll see a sweet little lake. Carry on, on the main road. Just out of Sildemow and up a little hill, you’ll see Rostock again. Follow the road until you get to an intersection with signs for Rostock Südstadt, straight ahead and Rostock Hauptbahnhof (central train station) to the right. If you want to get back to where you started, you have to turn right and follow that road until you get to the train tracks, cross them and you’ll be back at the corner of Herweghstraße and Schwaaner Landstraße. Turn left and go straight ahead to get back to the central station. I hope you enjoy the route.


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