…and what about soup?

“… Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…”

Just imagine how delightful that would be with a nice bowl of warm, tasty soup!

Sounds good? Then I strongly recommend the  “Suppenwerk”    in Doberaner Straße 111

The homemade soups contain fresh organic ingredients and a small but friendly atmosphere make your meal very enjoyable. You’ll find a menu that changes on a weekly basis with exotic, fancy but also the old favourites soups like your granny cooked.  The moderate prices top the meals off ideally.  Small hint: ask the team for a bonus card — you’ll pay for nine soups and get the 10th free!

Not really into soups? No Problem, the Suppenwerk offers a daily special of other meals every Tuesday and Wednesday. I tried a carrot lasagne (not the standard ingredient you’d expect for a lasagne) a few weeks ago and it was just terrific!

Don’t want to leave the bed but wanna have a soup? Even in this case its no problem, they deliver the soups and daily specials anywhere within a sensible distance of the city centre! With every meal, you get some exclusive “Suppenwerk” bread enriched with different herbs fitted perfectly to the meals.  And how about an apple-mint-lemonade to drink? You definitely should try it!

If you are as stoked as I am, you could also engage the catering service for parties or events.


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Originally I'm from Berlin. I moved to Rostock in 2010 to study English and German. Rostock is such a contrast to Berlin but I don't wanna miss that. I really like the opportunity to study at the sea. I think this blog is just great to show the beautiful things to do and to see in and around Rostock.

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