Sleeping in the hay

If you love nature, horseback riding
etc. and you are not allergic of hay – why not trying a hop to a hay hostel?
It’s a simple but creative alternative to spend the night in our homely region.
It’s a great adventure for the young and the young at heart. The farms are very
hospitable so you don’t have to pay much money for a stay (something about € 15
– check the concrete prices by calling the number of the responsible hostel) and probably you might get a
substantial breakfast. In addition you can taste some low priced gastronomic
But note: the season is only from
the end of April to October. Nevertheless the owners should be happy to welcome
you even during the off-season – but then you should definitely contact them.
One of the hostels is in
Keffenbrink, a very small village next to Grimmen. The region is very calm and
full of wonderful nature that you can discover by foot, car or you make some
canoeing or even in horse riding. Also there are a lot of adventuresome
activities next to the farmhouse like a water castle of the 13th
century in Turow, an open air pool in Kirch-Baggendorf, a museum as a little
village that shows how slaves once lived or you can enjoy the campfire on the
plot of the hostel.
The prices look as follows:
For children: until the age of 14,
the price is set to the equivalent age so e.g. if your child is 8 years young
you only pay € 8 per night.
Apart from that, a night costs € 16
per person/night, delicious breakfast incl. On enquiry you can obtain a great
dinner for additional lolly/ bucks. Furthermore you can rent a sleeping bag or
a bike for only € 5.
The following things you must
definitely bag: an electric torch, a sleeping bag (if not already rent), flip
flops for the shower, insect spray and your best mood 😉
Now we want to explain you how you
can get there:
If you want to go there from Rostock
main station, take the coach 120 to Scheunenviertel, Bad Sülze (direction Bad
Sülze). The coach leaves from the Central Bus Station that you can reach by
leaving the main station via Exit South “Südstadt” and the Bus station will be
on your left. Please get off at Scheunenviertel and wait there for the bus
number 320 and get off at the station called Wendeplatz, Triebsees. Now take
the Bus number 319 in the direction of Grammendorf Bahnhof.
For tariffs, prices and schedules please have a look at the webpage of the Küstenbus
(unfortunately it’s only in German but maybe Google translater or others may help
you to get the most important facts…good luck) If not just pre-plan your itinerary
thanks to the website of the Deutsche Bahn.
Than you have got the options to go
by foot or to cycle the way to Keffenbrink (something about 2,5 km). I’m sure
it is easy to find it (you can see the way on our picture) and if not, please do
not hesitate and ask any passerby.

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