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First of all we must admit, that it isn’t the easiest thing to find a route that’ll please to everyone (from the pro athlete to the pedaling cruiser) read this blog. So we just want to give you some ideas where to go with your bike and give you an additional website that’ll help you to plan your trip. So, we’ll start hereby:
Mapmyride is an English-speaking website that’ll give you the chance to exchange experiences with other cyclists. You can search for rides others did before or even upload your own ones, rate them, show pictures, find friends, give fitness reports and so on. The search options ( are quiet easy to handle because there is a schedule divided into destination, city, popularity. You can regulate the distance by a slider and decide between different activities like a mountain bike trip or just a dog walk (very useful! :D)

The Island Hiddensee is probably the place to be for cyclists like you because the special point is that no motorized vehicles are allowed on the island. The car-free island is situated between Fischland-Darß-Zingst and Rügen and can be reached by ferry departing from Stralsund or Rügen. The beaches on the western side of Hiddensee are the best ones for swimming – especially the passage between Neuendorf and Vitte is gorgeous.
Don’t go to the eastern beachside of Grieben am Neuen Bassin ‘cause it’s full of seaweed (apart you wanna smoke it :D)
Feel free to take off your bathing clothes, outside the locality. It’s the traditional way of bathing in the eastern regions of Germany, so don’t be scared no one will peep 🙂
If you don’t want to take a bath in the rough sea you should take your bike and explore the area. There are some nice cafes and a lot of hiking- and cycling-routes (of Course!).
Maybe you are a hobby photographer? … Great! You’ll see real “wild-nature” like never before.

Check it out!

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