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Hi once again dear Backpackers or ‘hej’ to our Scandinavian friends…err why Scandinavian friends? Well today we’re going to tell you some useful information about how to get to Rostock by Ferry.  And as you could be a potential Anglophonic speaker from Britain, Ireland , the US, Canada or Australia and of course from the country of the Kiwis (NZ) 🙂 but also from South Africa…in fact from all over the world so also from Scandinavia! Ok before telling too much nonsense let’s get started.

There is a big harbour here in Rostock which welcomes thousands of tourists coming by cruiser lines in the summer season. But there is also a Company called “Scandlines” which connects directly Rostock with Denmark, Sweden, Finland and even Russia (St. Petersburg). There are several tariffs available. If you’re a real backpacker (ok now I should define what a real one is…) then you might be just you and your rucksack though without any car. In that case you should count € 7 to € 14 per person. Of course you can also take the ferry by car or motorcycle and/or bike. Those prices always vary from the distance (least expensive is Rostock-Denmark) and the vehicle. And just as a little footnote: the EU has elected the connection between Rostock and Geser (Denmark) as one of the oversea European motorways also called the “Baltic Sea Motorway”. That’s why the EU is supporting the Ferry Companies and enlarges the number of ferries. Well, just have a deeper look at their webpage which is also in English and where you can find all information about the time schedules and tariffs.

Besides, some days ago we’ve seen that our Public Transport Company “RSAG” and the Danish one plus Scandlines made up a new Ticket, called the “Easyway Ticket”; that one could be interesting for those who want to turn back after having passed a beautiful day in Rostock. They also have their webpage in English with all necessary information.

"a ferry approaching rostock port" by Carsten

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  1. Nice article, but I hope you will not forget to write about TT-Line and the ferry service from and to Trelleborg (Sweden). There, the TT-Line is much cheaper than Scandlines.

  2. That is a nice hint for tourists coming from Scandinavia to Rostock. But also for people who would like to visit Denmark or Sweden for a few days. Last summer, I have visited Sweden for 3 days by ferry (TT- LINE). The journey lasted about 6 hours. During this time you can sleep, do shopping, sit in a restaurant or just enjoy the freedom of the Baltic Sea.

    It was an awesome trip for me!

    So, don´t be afraid of sea sickness and try it out! 🙂

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