Dos and Don’ts at the beach

Soon it will be summer. As there is nothing better than going to the beach when the sun shines, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania offers a lot of places to enjoy time at the beach. But as a foreign backpacker, there a some things you should know when spending your time at the beaches in Germany.

About the Beaches

Damn! Stacie is cycling at the promenade - that’s not permitted!

There are numerous beaches in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and more than 99.2 % of investigated waters show an outstanding standard of water quality. So clearly, those beaches are very popular and attract a lot of people to spend some time there. But there is one thing you should note: Some communities charge visitor’s a tax for their beaches, something that varies from area to area. In several cases, the visitor’s tax is included when you book your hotel room. Just ask your hotel for further information.

What you should better know

Watch it! Ken is not at a FKK-area! (click to enlarge)

Nudism is very popular. There are several specified areas that allow nudism – just watch out for the “FKK”-Signs (FKK is an abbreviation for “Frei-Koerper-Kultur”, meaning “nudism” in English). You can bathe in the sun or swim in the sea naked – but only at accounted places. And when you decide to stay at an FKK-area, it is courteous to be completely naked. It is also common courtesy not to stare at and laugh about other people 😉 Or if you decide to be naked at non-FFK-areas try to be very careful: This means at worst “Erregung oeffentlichen Aergernisses” (“public indecency” in English), or (less bad) “Belaestigung der Allgemeinheit” (“disorderly conduct“). For a disorderly conduct you have to pay 5 to 1,000 €!

Correct: She uses the dog-toilet (click to enlarge)

At some places, you are also allowed to take a dog (or more) with you. Before you enter the way to a beach, you will find some signs with more information. (They are often also in English) In most cases, you don’t need a leash, but that varies from area to area. As all beaches are generally very clean and tidy, it would be wise to take a poop-scoop with you. ;D

What you should never do: Never camp at a beach. That is absolutely forbidden! You can find a lot of camping grounds that are very cheap. But if you try it regardless, this will incur a steep fine, so be very, very careful.

What else?

  • Beach chairs are very popular in Germany. And because they are so popular, you have to pay to rent one – always.
  • Ken loves clean beaches…
    Ken does it properly: He keeps the beach clean… (click to enlarge)
    You are allowed to barbecue at specified places. But you should always leave the place in the condition in which you found it. As mentioned before, the beaches are very clean, so never leave any trash (especially glass) at the beach.
  • Watch out for the warning-flags at the beach. They inform you whether you are allowed to swim or not. Signs with explanations can be found at the beach, or ask an attendant if you are not sure.
  • Never enter or walk on the dunes – they are under environmental protection.

If you consider these tips and suggestions, you’ll have wonderful time at the beaches of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania! 🙂 Stay tuned for more articles about the dos and don’ts in Germany!

Though it is very funny, never feed any seagull
Oh, what?! They are walking on the dunes, but these are protected. That’s forbidden! (Click to enlarge)

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  1. Oh, I just love the idea with the Barbie dolls. It’s absolutely entertaining. Great photos!
    I also like your Do’s and Don’ts; those are necessary tips for a nice stay on the beach. Nevertheless sitting on the dunes is pretty amazing, even if it’s forbidden. 😉

    1. Thanks a lot! it´s been so much fun to take this pictures although most tourists watching us thought we were crazy:)
      A shop owner even asked what “crappy sh!t” we are doing.

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