Kubb, Beer and Barbecue

Have you found yourself asking the following question: ‘why are these people throwing wooden bars around in the harbor?’ Well, if you didn’t know the answer, here it comes: They are playing Kubb and enjoying the sundown at the harbor.

Kubb is a game that originated from the Scandinavians. Two teams oppose each other, and team A tries to hit team B’s wooden bars with their sticks. If all wooden bars by e.g. team A have been knocked over, team A can win the game by knocking over the king in the middle.

You can easily join a game, just ask people, and they will explain the rules to you.

People in Rostock mainly play the game to chat with their friends, drink a beer, have a barbecue and enjoy the evening.

So when you want to pay a visit to the harbor, make sure you have some beer in your backpack and something to barbecue. other people are generally happy for you to use their barbecue, it’s not usually a problem.

There’s noplace where it is easier to get in touch with the locals than the harbor.

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  1. I was so glad when I came to Rostock and saw that the people here play kubb as well. For me it is a Sweden nostalgia.
    I am looking forward to receive my own kubb set, so that I can be a “real Meckie” and play kubb at the beach or, as other students often do: play kubb at the Campus Ulmenstraße!!! There you can easily get in contact with German and international students! (don’t forget the beer and barbeque ;-))

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