The ‘Bacio Lounge’


Hey guys, this week I visited the ‘Bacio Lounge’, located at the port of Rostock. It is a very modern and popular club in Rostock, the city centre is only 5 minutes away and from the roof – deck you have an amazing view over the Warnow river.

2 levels – 2 dance floors – 2 bars and great House music!

I spent a sensational night there and at first had a good conversation with two lovesome girls, around 20, about how they feel about this location and after that I interviewed one of the staff members.





How did you find out about this place?

Some friends told us about this location and recommended it.

Have you been here before? – How regularly do you visit this place?

Yeah well. We´ve been here before. Actually we visit this place every two weeks.

What did you order?

We ordered some tasty Pina Coladas.




Easiness of finding this place?


Good location for future plans?


Quality and Friendliness of staff?


Cost / Performance-Ratio?

Comfortable ambience?


Variety of Products?


Quality of DJ



Something you want to add?

In our opinion the dancefloor is much too small and we miss some food here like a “midnight – snack”. On Fridays there are parties for kids at the age of 16 and older.



Overall Score IN STARS



the Lounge




1. Introduce yourself and your business to our readers!
Hey, I´m Anne, a twenty-year old girl, which works at the bar of this club and I am going to mix you every drink you want. The ‘Bacio Lounge’ is a great location for people, who want to have a glamorous night. I would love to see you guys here next time!

2. Why should people choose your place? What are your special attributes?
Well, we have great House music, have small entrance prices, are easy to find and we have some kind of dresscode. So here you are never overdressed and can have “party with style” (smiles).

3. What is the best time to come to this location?
On Thursdays, at our ‘Afterwork Parties’ we have got our hands full and I guess for people at the mid – twenties and older this are the best time to visit us.
At the weekends there are more and more younger guests.

4. What would you recommend to order? What are your specialties?
We have a big variety of cocktails, which you definetely have to give a try!

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Hey there! I´m Kira, 19 years old ( omg... in one month I´ll turn 20 ) and study Politics and the English Language in Rostock since 2009. Well,, with Erik and Juliane I lead the 'Where2Eat&Drink' sector... so feel free to contact me if you have any hints for me! Until then... rock on! :)


  1. Haven’t been in the Bacio for ages…
    I remember this club being slightly posh. However, not as much as the ‘TDF- Theater Des Friedens’ near the ‘Doberaner Platz’. Back then, it was quite famous with the younger teens as well. They also had After-Work- and Single-parties.
    The cocktails were very good indeed, nice atmosphere (lounge is definately the right word!), clean, PLUS the location is so Rostock-ish (-harbour!)! Very easy to get there from the tram stop Kabutzenhof or from the ‘Holbeinplatz’.
    Don’t know why the dance floor should be too small… Maybe the upper dance floor was closed…?
    Should definately visit the Bacio lounge soon.

  2. Well, to describe the ´Bacio Lounge´ in 3 words, I would say: precious, stylish and up-to-date. This club is a great possibility to have a fantastic evening with friends in a lovely location. While enjoying delicious drinks and the latest music, you have an awesome view onto the Warnow.
    Give it a try!

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