Lions, zebras, apes and just the greatest time

As some of you may have guessed by the headline already, this blog is gonna be about a zoo. But it’s not just about any zoo. It’s about Rostock’s zoo which is very special to me because it’s part of my childhood and therefore part of me. But enough of that soppiness! Let’s cut to […]

Birds of a Feather…

…flock together. I guess that’s why Manni and I, once again (a few weeks after our trip to Karl’s), found ourselves on another outing. This time the journey went to the “Vogelpark Marlow“ (bird park). Unlike last time, we had planned ahead, though; we had planned how to get there, packed some snacks and drinks, […]

spring adventure in the Rostocker Zoo!

Spring in Zoo Rostock means a lot of cute little animals and exploring the “zoo” world. The weather is so nice at the moment and the animals enjoy the sunny days as much as the people. You can see little rabbits running like high speed cars, camels jumping around the hills, or little monkeys hanging […]