Being Vegan in Rostock

Eating meat, eggs and dairy is pretty much still seen as eating a “normal“ diet in Germany. Most shops also sell these products, so you actually don’t really need to worry were to shop, at least in terms of availability. Being vegan or being on a plant-based diet, however, can be a bit more difficult. […]

A Vegan Guide for Rostock – Part 1: The Perks of Spring

As the temperatures are finally rising after a truly extended winter, leaving the house doesn’t make you feel like you’re on an excursion to the North Pole any longer… or like you’re about to lose a limb because of a third-degree frostbite… or like the adrenaline is kicking in because you managed to ride your […]

Inexpensive Girls Night Out

It is best known that most students are on a veeeeeery low budget. Nevertheless, students really like to party – from time to time at least 😉 . If you and your friends are looking for a great and cheap night out in Rostock, don’t worry! There’s something I’d like to mention: You might know […]

Warm Meal and Warm Welcome

In Rostock? Hungry? Looking for an authentic culinary experience? Search no more!  I’ve got just the place for you: The “Bauernhaus” in Biestow. The Bauernhaus serves traditional Mecklenburgish food like Strammer Max or Bauernfrühstück. They also offer local beers (Rostocker, Flensburger) to go with your meal. If you’re more in the mood for some afternoon coffee […]

A great café in MV: the Europa in Rostock

Have you ever wondered about the building in the Friedhofsweg 44 near Doberaner Platz on which you can read “Knabenschule” on the front wall? In fact it is a building protected as a historic monument. The building, constructed in 1887, had been used as a school for boys. After the school was closed, the building contained […]

Pizza, Pasta and Personal Service

There are a lot of recommendable places in the KTV but if you have a special weakness for fresh bruschetta, above average pasta dishes, and carpacci, I´ll make you an offer you shouldn´t refuse: The Italian restaurant “Don Camillo” is one of my favorite restaurants in Rostock. What I like about it is not only […]

Big, Bigger, Little Money

First of all, I like beef. I like beef with tomatoes, salad and a lot of cheese pressed in two slices of bread and refined with a special sauce. As I´m writing this blog, my rumbling stomach is annoying me and I find myself longing for a tasty bite of Cyclops Burger with a thick […]

Ready for a medieval feast?

Have you ever imagined how people used to eat 600 years ago? Have you ever wished to forget all your etiquette while you are eating? Well,the Mittelalterschänke Petrikeller in Rostock can make your wishes come true.  As you enter the Petrikeller you will pass the suits of armor standing in the corners and will find […]

Drei, Zwei, Eis! – the “Eisscholle”

I am really, really thankful to have my flatmate (really!). Because if she hadn’t shown me the little ice-cream parlour “Eisscholle Rostock” (Eisscholle means a sheet of floating ice in German) a few weeks ago, my spring wouldn’t have been the same. It wouldn’t have been so smooth, so sweet and as creamy as it is now. The ‘Eisscholle’ […]