I’m Shouting from the Rooftop Baby…

I’m Shouting from the Rooftop Baby… …come pick me up! The city centre, the port, Warnemünde. Boom. There you have it. The three super sweet, super beautiful and super hip spots in Rostock. And yes. They are super clichéd. In fact, every time I tell people about them, I find myself wanting to tell them […]

Rubber Ducks’ Escape from the Bathtubs of Güstrow

If you visit the relatively small town of Güstrow near the A19 motorway during autumn, you might just get there in time for their annual Rubber Duck Race. Hundreds of tiny yellow rubber ducks are taken from their natural habitat of the homely bathtub, dumped into a river running through Güstrow’s park by the castle, […]

A Slightly Unusual Pool Experience…

Summer’s here. Finally. And what does the average Rostockian do on a hot summer day? Go to the beach, of course! That’s what I wanted to do last Friday when we had 32°C and the entire city felt like it would start to boil any minute. Actually, I’d been planning the entire thing with some […]

A Walk Among the Dead

Finding a quiet spot in the city isn’t always as easy as it may sound. Surely, there are some in town that are made for a nice afternoon stroll: Rostock’s very own port where all kinds of ships and boats float peacefully on the river Warnow. That lovely green park right behind the Kunsthalle which […]