Delicious – Romantic – “Warmbad”

It’s kind of alternative, with jocular waiters and young customers – and it’s absolutely lovely. It’s such a romantic place – especially in winter – and you get marvellous food for under €10. The name of this wonderful place in Rostock’s KTV is called “Warmbad”. According to the name one could assume that’s a warm […]

Helga’s Kitchen

]Hey folks! This is my first blog and as I was gathering Ideas for it, I asked myself: What is a good spot in Rostock to have a really nice evening? You like to have a delicious meal, read a good book while being around people in a good mood, or meet friends and discuss […]

Warm Meal and Warm Welcome

In Rostock? Hungry? Looking for an authentic culinary experience? Search no more!  I’ve got just the place for you: The “Bauernhaus” in Biestow. The Bauernhaus serves traditional Mecklenburgish food like Strammer Max or Bauernfrühstück. They also offer local beers (Rostocker, Flensburger) to go with your meal. If you’re more in the mood for some afternoon coffee […]

Innercity Kebab Review 2/2

  Curry Haus Rostock   Price: €3,20              5/10 Appearance: not very good and not appetizing 3/10 Taste: 5/10 Ambience: 8/10 Employers: 8/10 Range: 10/10   39/60       The Curry Haus in Rostock is really something special, because you have the opportunity get you Kebab delivered directly to your home. So it was time […]

Breakfast at Humboldt’s

What to expect: Although the Humboldt covers pretty much every mealtime, I would recommend this place if you’re looking for somewhere to get a good breakfast at a reasonable price. It’s ideal to start your day there when you’re hung-over from ‘last night’ and don’t have anything to eat at home. Even if you’re somewhat late […]

Pizza, Pasta and Personal Service

There are a lot of recommendable places in the KTV but if you have a special weakness for fresh bruschetta, above average pasta dishes, and carpacci, I´ll make you an offer you shouldn´t refuse: The Italian restaurant “Don Camillo” is one of my favorite restaurants in Rostock. What I like about it is not only […]

Hemingway’s food journey

Thanks to a friend of mine, a student at Rostock’s University of Music and Theatre (HMT), I recently tried out the restaurant Hemingway. Our visit was more coincidental than intentional: We went famished to the closest restaurant my friend knew, which happened to be just around the corner of the HMT. When we entered the […]