Swimming in Gehlsdorf – “Einfach Wohlfühlen”

  Have you ever questioned yourself where to swim in Rostock? Probably you’ve discovered the natatorium “Neptun” or the Baltic Sea but latter can be a chilly experience especially in the wintertime. For this and typically rainy coast weather the indoor swimming pool in Gehlsdorf is a good option to chill and relax. The pool […]

Parks and Recreation

(K)nope, not talking about these guys! Unfortunately, Leslie and her gang have not made it to Rostock, yet. But, Rostock’s own Parks Department does the job just as well — if not even better. Looking at Rostock from above, you will not only see a lot of green in-between buildings and blocks, but also many […]

The smoothly Bowl

  Oh man! It’s raining again! The weather service doesn’t seem to be that honest with their forecasts. Nevermind. The fact is: the whole plan i set up for this evening with my friends will be drowned. Sigh. I don’t like to sit in a flat again and do nothing only because the weather sucks. […]

A berry funny day

It was a beautiful Saturday in May; the sun was shining high in the sky; the birds were singing in the trees; children were playing outside, laughing happily… And what was I doing? Sitting inside, inside at my desk, inside brooding over some tasks for university. My gaze kept wandering to the window and the […]

Welcome to the Garden of Eden!

Would you like to relax? Do you enjoy silence and just want to listen to the cute chirping of birds? Do you enjoy the presence of beautiful and extraordinary plants? Then you have to visit the stunning botanical garden in Rostock! The botanical garden belongs to the University of Rostock. It’s a big area near the city […]

Warnemünde – The outpost of Rostock

Some kilometres north of Rostock, situated at the esturary of the Warnow directly at the coast, you will find Warnemünde. The sea resort is famous for not only its very affectionate and hungry sea gulls, but also for its broad long beach and its lighthouse close to the “Teepott”, both remains from the former GDR. […]