A chilled way to spend Father’s Day

Eager for ease? Then getting out of the city and spending some lovely time in nature alongside your dad probably sounds appealing, right? At least that was how my father and I wanted to spend our time together on Father’s Day this year. He was able to get away from work temporarily, so we could […]

Enjoy A Royal Garden Experience

If you ask foreigners about Rostock, you often get two replies: “What’s a Rostock?” and “Ah yes, there’s the beach!“ However, the fact that Rostock has several other beautiful natural and recreational areas in addition to the beach often remains an insider tip even for the inhabitants. The botanical garden is no exception. It is […]

Walking on air

Do you like walking and strolling around? I admit I do sometimes have difficulties motivating myself… I really don´t enjoy riding a bike and similarly, running or walking around outside can be a burden rather than a relaxing activity. It happens from time to time, though, that I am up for it. It happens to […]

A Walk Among the Dead

Finding a quiet spot in the city isn’t always as easy as it may sound. Surely, there are some in town that are made for a nice afternoon stroll: Rostock’s very own port where all kinds of ships and boats float peacefully on the river Warnow. That lovely green park right behind the Kunsthalle which […]

A ferrytale in the city

  Once upon a time there was a boy in Rostock who felt an urgent need to escape from the crowded downtown at least for an hour. While he was walking along the Warnow River next to “Am Strande“ (the biggest road in the city center), he took a look to the other river bank […]