A great café in MV: the Europa in Rostock

Have you ever wondered about the building in the Friedhofsweg 44 near Doberaner Platz on which you can read “Knabenschule” on the front wall? In fact it is a building protected as a historic monument. The building, constructed in 1887, had been used as a school for boys. After the school was closed, the building contained […]

With Horn, Halberd and Candle

Are you looking for an interesting evening programme in Rostock and also like to know more about the history of this medieval Hanseatic city, presented lively and with a lot of disport?! Join the Tour with the Rostock Night Watchman!   The Night Watchman takes you on his patrol and tells you about his job […]

The Cocktail Saturation

Finding a new location in Rostock City to write about proved more difficult than I expected. Most of the clubs, bars, restaurants and cafes have been in their respective places since what feels like forever. So imagine my surprise when I went down to the harbour the other day and walked right past a restaurant […]

Lighthouse Warnemünde

Many of you may have already unknowingly seen the Warnemünde lighthouse on the film poster of „Shutter Island“.  Nevertheless, you have to see Warnemünde’s most famous sight, the lighthouse, in person. With its height of 36.9 meters it provides you a fantastic panorama view over the sea, the beach and the harbour of Rostock.   […]